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Yes, chiropractic, the smart choice for people of all ages in Zumbrota, MN and surroundings communities. This is a unique opportunity for you to receive the effective chiropractic care you need. There may be times when pain can be only a little bothersome or just outright terrible when it just hurts to move like you used to. The cause could be a number of different thing: a slip-and-fall, working harder than usual to meet an important deadline, laying in an unusual position during a surgery, or maybe you're just not sure where it came from. Simple adjustments can be used to aleviate these symptoms and additional tests can be easily performed to check other contributing factors. It is my job is to help you feel better and get back to your normal life as quickly as possible - it's what drives me.

The chiropractic care delivered is very effective, gentle and safe. The methods that I use will improve your health and gently stimulate the nervous system to relax tight and tender muscles as well as improve other things such as concentration, balance, stop heartburn, and help painful clicking in the jaw. Chiropractic care helps to improve the function of the nerves from your brain to the other parts of your body and this is what will allow true healing takes place naturally...the right way!

More Complete, Quality Chiropractic Care

The most common treatment performed by chiropractors is known as the “chiropractic adjustment,” also called “spinal manipulation.” The adjustments are delivered to the affected joints and tissues of the body and help restore mobility, thereby decreasing pain and muscle tightness. This also allows the body to heal more quickly and completely.

With several years of experience in the chiropractic field, I have concluded that a typical adjustment will not completely fix most problems. Yes, these adjustments do help and improves your overall health, however, most complaints that people have include more than just a simple bone-out-of-place issue, and they need treatment and correction of a few or more problems in order for more complete healing to occur. This is why I have studied several techniques over the years to uncover the real cause of the symptoms that you experience.

Start Your Journey: Better Health, Function & Wellness

It is easy to get started, have the power to improve your health and feel better through chiropractic care. With better health you can seek out the best that life has to offer. Some of the common conditions that improve with the care I offer include:

• Headaches & Migraines• Neck Pain & Stiffness• Sore Shoulders
• Elbow/Wrist/Hand Pain• Carpal Tunnel Symptoms• Mid Back Discomfort
• Poor Balance• Lower Back Pain• Radiating Pain
• Hip Pain & Bursitis• Knee Pain or Clicking• Bulging Discs & more!

It is always better to start sooner rather than later. The more time you wait before you do something to help, the more time it generally takes to get better and heal. It's not pleasant being in pain or not be able to perform the things you usually do for work or fun. Do you remeber when you really felt well all of the time? Has it been a while since you felt that way? If you are looking for rapid results and effective pain relief or an easy way to stay well: Start today and enjoy all of the benefits of the care you deserve. Walk-ins are always welcome at Zumbrota Chiropractic.