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  • Dec 31 / 2013
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Zumbrota Chiropractic Now Open

Zumbrota Chiropractic is the most recent addition providing effective health care in Zumbrota, MN. I grew up here, worked here, moved away to go to school and have returned to provide you with the amazing techniques that I have learned to help get you feeling better quickly. It doesn’t matter what you suffer from: headaches, carpal tunnel, lower back pain, knee pain, hip stiffness or pain, sciatica, lumbar disc displacement, muscle spasms, neck pain, etc. Whatever the condition that you suffer from, chiropractic care can help you.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Back in 1996, I was suffering too. I had heartburn every day for over six months. It was terrible, I had to take Rolaids everyday just to get by and function. Had I gone to the medical doctor I knew that they would just put me on some sort of medication, probably for life to decrease the acid production. Sure it would have worked, but that wasn’t going to actually solve the problem.

My mother suggested that I go see the chiropractor that she and my dad had been seeing over in Lake City, MN. I agreed but had no idea what a chiropractor was or what they did. After Dr. Kari took a detailed history about my heartburn problem that had been ongoing over the last six months and did a physical examination I received my first chiropractic treatment which consisted of a few different adjustments of my neck, middle and lower back regions. It was different than any other sort of treatment that I ever had before…it was interesting. I then layed down on a “roller table” (aka intersegmental traction table) which felt good too. After that I left to go back home.

I noticed a little later that day that I no longer needed to take the Rolaids that I had been depending on each and every day. WOW! That, to me, was totally amazing. What had happened was one of the vertebra in the middle of my back was “out of place” and putting pressure on the nerves going to my stomach. The nerve was irritated causing the acid producing cells in my stomach to produce too much acid causing the heartburn symptoms. The chiropractic treatment corrected the malpositioned vertebra and relieved the pressure on the nerve causing the return to normal function.

It has been 17 years and I never needed another Rolaids again. I was so impressed that a chiropractic adjustment could change my life so drastically in such a positive way and I continued care as Dr. Kari suggested. I soon decided to obtain my Doctor of Chiropractic degree as well, graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2002. I’ve never looked back and I have also helped several hundred people also obtain positive results with chiropractic adjustments.

If you suffer from anything that you would rather get rid of visit http://www.ZumbrotaChiropractic.com/ and call me to set up a free consultation or an examination.

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